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Thursday November 17 2016

Breakfast Treats & Registration 
8:15AM to 8:55AM
Official Welcome & Introduction 

In this session, we will take a look back at developments over the past year and demonstrate in action the continued investment in EMEA, its clients, partners and people. Join EVP and GM EMEA, Vincent Belliveau for this session in which he also highlights the key trends observed throughout EMEA in the world of Talent Management.

9:00AM to 9:30AM
CEO Keynote 

From day one, Cornerstone was founded on a belief that a lifetime of learning and development is fundamental to growth – both for the employee and for the organisation. In his opening keynote address, Adam will delve into the concept of potential – what it means to the Cornerstone team and to the thousands of organisations we serve around globe. He also will share insight into our commitment to giving our clients the enormous power of realising the potential of a new world workforce – how this is the driving force behind our innovation, and what we’re doing to enable employees at every level of an organisation to excel in their roles.  

9:30AM to 11:00AM
Networking Break 
11:00AM to 11:30AM
Using Real Time Feedback to Track and Continually Improve Performance 

Join us for this engaging breakout session to understand and see how Virgin Media have implemented the current performance management trends in the industry. Using real time feedback and online 121’s to engage their employees and drive their continuous performance conversations.


Guest Speakers:

Colin Beaton, Performance Management Manager, Virgin Media

The Big Push vs Pull Learning Challenge 

Join Tom Dove-Wallington from Springer Nature, Allan Aikman from University of York and Mark Norvis from RSA in their push vs pull journey of driving learning in their organisations. Understand the benefits and challenges of each strategy, which one to favor by type of training. High quality and communication are key success factor and you'll discover why.


Guest Speakers:

Mark Noviss, Group Head of Talent Technologies, RSA Group

Tom Dove-Wallington, Director Learning and Development, Springer Nature

Allan Aikman, Learning and Development Manager, University of York

ATS Settings you want to know about 

What are the top secrets of seasoned system administrators? In this session, get unique, actionable insight into how to make Cornerstone Recruiting work for you!


Maria Behrendt, Training Consultant, Cornerstone University

Governance: It’s the New Black 

Just as black clothing has a reputation for being slimming and elegant, professionals often mention “good governance” as a key to a well-functioning programme and something everyone can do a bit better. But what does Governance really mean? How do you tailor a good governance model to fit your organisation and available resources? Join us as we present the foundations of successful governance: organisation, process/IT, support and change management. Martin Gower of Direct Line Group, Ino Paap of IKEA, and Nico Finis of DPDHL share their real-life experience, lessons learned and plans for future excellence.


Guest Speakers:

Martin Gower, Learning Capability Consultant - Learning, Direct Line

Ino Paap, Global Business Solution Owner, Inter-IKEA

Nico Finis, Senior Expert HR Strategy and Performance, DPDHL

Driving success through the Cornerstone Client Success Framework 

The Cornerstone Client Success Framework and Blueprint model is the foundation for how to translate your business strategy to talent initiatives and specific system objectives, to make your everyday work lead to a greater success. Join this session to hear Nick Halder sharing about Fidessa's success story on how this model supported them in achieving their key organisational objectives.


Guest Speakers:

Nick Halder, Global Head of Learning and Development, Fidessa

Optimising Security Roles for Minimal Maintenance 

Back again by popular demand! Cornerstone experts will share security administration best practices along with tips and tricks for configuring security roles to minimise the maintenance effort required by administrators.


Guest Speakers:

Kellie Pauley, Head of Services Enablement & Chief Product Advisor, APJ, Cornerstone

Andrew Higson, EMEA Solution Architect, Cornerstone

State of Technology 

Learn about what's new and exciting in Cornerstone's Cloud Technology & Security infrastructure and about our major technology goals.  We'll also do a deep dive into some recent software optimisations, their positive impact on your organisation, and our philosophy around balancing feature development with technical improvements.


Mark Goldin - Chief Technology Officer, Cornerstone

Pratik Savai, VP Application Development, Cornerstone

Appirio: Managing Your Portal Through Organisational Change 

Organisational change happens! Mergers, acquisitions, and re-orgs occur all the time, but most clients struggle with how to effectively manage their portal and users through this change. Are you prepared?

Join us to discuss practical steps you can take to effectively prepare for and guide your portal through this inevitable organisational change. Learn about assessing shared requirements, defining the governance needed to make decisions in a changing environment, as well as understanding the impact of combining organisations into your portal. Last but not least we’ll review the critical steps needed to implement changes to your portal without putting the user experience or your business at risk. CSOD Administrators and Talent Management leaders should consider this must-know information to thrive in changing environments.


Guest Speaker

Dan Lyons, Director of Consulting Services, Appirio

12:30PM to 14:00PM
The Rise of the Machine – Will Technology Mean a Jobless Future 

Technology has made a huge impact on peoples lives leading many people to question what the workplace will look like in 100 years – will there still be jobs for the generations to come? What can be automated and what can not - it is common knowledge that automation reduces the need for lower skilled jobs - but are high skilled roles also in danger?


Guest Speaker

David Rowan, Editor, WIRED Magazine (UK)


14:00PM to 14:45PM
Client Excellence Awards 

Cornerstone’s client awards recognise innovation and excellence in the adoption and use of Cornerstone’s software and services. Join us as we celebrate and learn from the best and brightest talent strategies of the past year and the teams driving those initiatives.

14:45PM to 15:30PM
Reimagined Learning at RSA: Personalising the User Experience 

While today’s learning technology makes it easier than ever for organisations to deliver innovative training, improving user adoption and demonstrating ROI continue to be challenges. In this session, you’ll learn how RSA reimagined its learning and technology strategy by adopting a personalised user experience approach. Find out how this 300-year-old insurance company relaunched its LMS after an organisational restructuring, moved to an agile learning model and delivered a truly engaging and relevant experience for employees.


Guest Speakers

Mark Noviss, Group Talent Technologies Manager, RSA

Skip Marshall, Vice-President and CTO, Tribridge

15:30PM to 16:00PM
16:00PM to 16:15PM
3 Steps to a Strong Talent Acquisition Strategy 

Many organisations are struggling to find, select and retain top talent in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. How can you overcome this challenge?


Guest Speakers:

Anne Pasquel, Talent Manager, Luxair

Martin Tweddle, Group Head of Resourcing, Cape

Unified Talent Management as an Accelerator of your Business Strategy 

A collaborative session focused on all areas of Talent Management processes to identify and quantify potential impact to your business. Know more about why you should implement a UTM strategy.


Guest Speaker

Mike Bollinger, AVP, Global Thought Leadership & Advisory Services, Cornerstone

Shawn Flynn, Senior Manager, Analytics, ROI & Industry Solutions 

Turning the Tanker - when Strategy Meets Culture 

Organisations seeking to grow and adapt in the face of complex challenges in turbulent times cannot get there by the purely technical approaches of restructuring and reengineering, their culture must be developed. Corinne (AMEC Foster Wheeler) and Jo (Atkins Global) spend all their time thinking about how best to influence the individual and collective behaviours of their people in order to help execute their strategy. Come and hear them talk through their strategy all the way through to what initiatives they are working on.


Guest Speakers:

Corinne James, Director of Talent and Performance Management, Amec

Jo Rigby, Head of Learning and Development Consulting, Atkins

Driving User Adoption Effectively 

Going live is not just about configuring your system! Nailing change management across your business can be a bigger challenge until you really make your users like it and show how it adds value to them. Multiple clients will be giving real life case studies on achieving success.


Guest Speakers:

Kris Scott, Programme Manager for the Academy, Care Quality Commission

Melanie Moore, Global HR Solutions Manager, Wilhelmsen Holding ASA

Simon Torben, Senior Expert Learning & Development, DPDHL

Beatriz De la Iglesia, Senior Expert Learning & Development, DPDHL

The Power of Analytics: A View and Insights Product Deep Dive 

Massive amounts of talent data are produced by your workforce. But how do you make sense of it all and where do you start? Learn about the brilliance of big data and machine learning in our hottest new analytics solutions; Cornerstone View and Cornerstone Insights. Make smarter, more informed talent decisions back by data. Join David Price, Manager of Analytics Products at Cornerstone, as he showcases an interactive demo and what’s coming next.


David Price, Product Management Leader, Cornerstone

Pimp My Portal 

Come on a journey with us and a client as we give their portal a makeover to enhance end user experience. Takeaway some practical tips and tricks on how you could do the same.


Guest Speakers:

Emma McCoy, Training Manager, Natures Way Foods

Bluewater Learning: Life After Implementation: Maximising your Cornerstone Investment 

The successful implementation of your learning or talent management system is only one piece of the puzzle. Chris Bond, President & CEO of Bluewater, has identified seven key areas that successful companies address to ensure their programs produce the results expected by their users, managers and executives. William Benn, Managing Director of Bluewater Europe, will highlight what this means in the European market. Join Chris and William to learn how to maximise the value of your investment, including: how to improve engagement in your current efforts, the 7 areas that will transform your LMS/TMS and make your employees successful, how to recognise when you need to revisit your system configuration and how your personal success and career advancement can be significantly impacted by reporting.


Guest Speaker

William Benn, Managing Director, Bluewater Europe

Cornerstone for Salesforce (CFS): Accelerate your business with real-time targeted learning built natively on Salesforce 

Did you know that companies that use e-Learning tools could boost productivity by up to 50%? In this session Cornerstone will show you how Cornerstone for Salesforce (CFS) can deliver just in time learning to empower customers, partners and employees with the right information when and where needed within Salesforce. We will show you how Cornerstone for Salesforce, as a natively built App on Salesforce and newly redesigned , can trigger training recommendation to a Salesforce user, impacting critical drivers of revenue and increasing Salesforce adoption. Cornerstone for Salesforce is the first learning App built natively on (AppExchange). Salesforce uses CFS solution to train and certify their employees and to educate Customers. Johnson & Johnson is also using CFS to educate their Customers.

Mingle and Drinks 
17:15PM to 18:00PM
Travel and Party 
18:00PM to 23:30PM

Friday NOVEMBER 18 2016

Product Roadmap 

A perennial favorite, this session offers a deep dive into new and upcoming Cornerstone features, and it gives clients the chance to vote for their most desired product enhancements and capabilities.


Adam Miller, Founder and CEO, Cornerstone 

8:45AM to 10:30AM
10:30AM to 11:00AM
Engaging the Modern Learner 

In this session we will examine the characteristics of the modern day learner and subsequently how organisations need to adapt to meet their needs. Come along to hear from two clients how they have leveraged the power of micro-learning for impactful learning in their organisations.


Guest Speakers

Jean-Francois Goldstyn, Chief Learning Officer, SQS

Will Gaffney, L&D & Systems Specialist, Diageo PLC

Internal Recruiting vs Career Mobility 
Career Mobility: Why It Matters and How to Build a Long-Term Strategy to Deliver on It. 
There is a disconnect in the modern talent pipeline. Nearly 9 in 10 (85%) of HR professionals agree that it costs more (52% say much more) to fill an open position with an external candidate than to source candidates from within their organisation. Yet, HR professionals say they filled nearly two thirds of their open positions over the last two years with external talent. Contrast this with the growing expectations of employees and what it will take for them to stay with their employer – from career opportunities and leadership development, to job succession and personal growth.


Mike Bollinger, AVP, Global Thought Leadership and Advisory Services, Cornerstone

Kimberly Cassady, Vice President of Talent, Cornerstone

Driving Growth through Competence the IKEA way 

If you want to transform your business and ensure you deliver the expected results of your Cornerstone deployment, this session is for you. Discover how Ikea, one of the world’s largest furniture retailers, is using their Cornerstone solution to drive strategic execution and innovation and, ultimately, enable global growth of the business. Also gain insight into how Ikea engaged people across the business in an effort to ensure their talent initiatives were connected to company strategy, as well as hear their best practices and recommendations based on key learnings from their journey.


Guest Speakers:

Björn Nilsson, Global Manager Online Solutions, IKEA

Analytics. Driving the Power of the Dashboard 

General reporting with focus on custom charting, dashboards and building your own standard reports. Thanks to the power of Big Data and machine learning, Cornerstone clients can now take compliance data beyond the simple report and seeing who completed what training on a particular data. In this session, we’ll examine what data is important –and why – in making people analytics meaningful and insightful. Also discover how to make your data consequential by investigating uses for custom fields within your Cornerstone system, as well as how to use custom charting to make the data more exciting and compelling for your stakeholders. We will also discuss how to create relevant dashboards for sharing your data so that front-line and operational leaders have access to relevant organisational insight. And, we’ll explore Cornerstone’s dashboards functionality and report builder tool.


Ruben Baron, Training Consultant, Cornerstone University

Maria Behrendt, Training Consultant, Cornerstone University

Help Realise your Employees Potential. But Don't Forget to Pay Them! 

Find out how our clients have harmonised their compensation processes in many countries and adapt their system usage to pay their employees.


Guest Speakers:

Carolina Ericsson, Group HR Projects and Processes, Papyrus

Géraldine Crépin, Compensation and Benefits and International Mobility Manager, Ceva Santé Animale

Maria Lybert, HRMS Manager, HR Global Processes & Solutions, Sobi


Building Culture Through Community 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” mused Peter Drucker. But in the world of talent management, culture is the single most important organisational driver. Culture is the glue that connects employees to the organisation as well as to each other, whether working remotely or in offices globally. At Cornerstone, we “eat our own dogfood” as a core way of learning, sharing information and keeping people connected. In this session, Jeff Miller, Cornerstone’s Director of Talent Management, will delve into both culture and strategy, pulling the curtain back and sharing how Cornerstone is using communities and cohorts within its own system to foster the company’s unique culture and make Cornerstone a truly great place to work.


Guest Speakers:

Jeff Miller, Director, Talent Management, Cornerstone

Tarcisio Pontes, Head of Millenium Banking Academy, Millenium BCP

Tamahris: 10 take-aways for an effective Cornerstone implementation and post go-Live governance” 

The introduction of Software As A Service providers in the HRIS landscape has brought tremendous challenges and new ways of working.

Tamahris' deep experience in supporting Cornerstone deployments for more than 8 years, for international or smaller corporations, allows us to share 10 key governance aspects for implementation and after go-live organisation. Join us to understand what you could still do better to leverage your Cornerstone investment!


Guest Speaker

Vincent Van Lennep, Tamahris Co-founder and Managing Partner, Tamahris

Tribridge: The Power of Learning in the Age of Digital Transformation 

As we enter an era of digital transformation, business leaders are challenged to employ new learning technologies that not only engage learners, but also provide training on the skills that will carry the organisation into the future. In this interactive session, Jan van Vonno, IDC Senior Analyst, will discuss why a talent portfolio assessment is critical to developing the right skills and fostering innovation, and the importance of delivering learning that is both sharable and available anytime, anywhere. And you’ll learn from Francesco Pucci, Director Solution Consulting, Tribridge about how today’s business leaders are addressing challenges around content accessibility and quality.


Guest Speakers

Jan van Vonno, Senior Analyst, IDC

Francesco Pucci, Director Solution Consulting, Tribridge

12:00PM to 13:00PM
15 Hacks for LMS System Administrators 

What are the top 15 secrets of seasoned system administrators? In this session, get unique, actionable insight into how to make Cornerstone Learning work for you. This includes learning certain triggers for better communicating with administrators and engaging learners in training. Also discover how to use custom fields within Cornerstone as a way of eliminating frequently asked questions from your end-users, as well as other system functionality that can make finding and requesting sessions easier than ever.


Ruben Baron, Training Consultant, Cornerstone University

Engage your Extended Network 

Different ways to use extended enterprise with varied clients sharing their used cases. How can you use your Cornerstone platform to increase partner, supplier and customer knowledge and create an additional revenue stream at the same time? One way is by using your learning management system to sell training to your clients.  Join us for this in focus panel and hear from two different client guests as they share their knowledge and look at different ways to explore the usage of Cornerstone’s Extended Enterprise solution.  


Guest Speakers:

Xavier Petre, Principal Consultant, Cornerstone

Shobhit Bajaj, Global Learning Business Partner, ERM 

Stephanie Verhulst, Academy Lead, Bluecielo ECM Solutions


HRIS Simplified with Cornerstone HR 

Are you looking to put Talent Management at the centre of your HR strategy?  Looking for an HR system that would fit with this vision? Want to know more what Cornerstone HR can do to help? Barbara Zesik, from Santa Fe Relocation Services, will explain the reasons they needed a new central HR system, and the journey they took from selecting Cornerstone HR to its implementation and use.


Guest Speakers:

Dr Barbara Zesik, Group Director People, Learning and Culture, Santa Fe

Back Stage Pass - Product Development Behind the Scenes 

Have you ever wondered how the Cornerstone roadmap is being created? In this session, you will learn about how the Cornerstone Product Managers generate our innovative ideas and gain insight to our prioritisation strategy. We will also share with you how you can get involved and collaborate with us in creating the future roadmap features.


Josephine Dwyer, Senior Manager, Product Management, Cornerstone

Tammy Hahn, Director, Product Management, Cornerstone

The New European Privacy Rules – Impact and Requirements for Cornerstone and Our Clients 

Look at the new and old EU regulations with respect to data privacy. Suggestions and recommendations from our Legal compliance team on what to do on and off the system.


José Alberto Rodríguez Ruiz, Data Protection Officer, Cornerstone

Realising our Potential – BP’s Succession Journey with Cornerstone 

An overview of the journey BP have taken with their Succession Planning processes; from spreadsheets to Cornerstone and their vision for the future


Guest Speakers:

Martyn Burge, HRIS Talent Systems Analyst, BP

Kimberley Ray, HRIS Talent Analyst, BP

Takoma - Let’s Get Digital ! 

Takoma offers 3 tried and tested solutions for 3 common problems faced by Large Companies:

1. How to integrate digital culture in your company and face the challenges of an ever-connected world?

• Solution: Let’s Get Digital

2. How to benefit most from Digital Learning in an ocean of solutions and methods?

• Solution: Digital Learning: From Scratch to Reality

3. How to produce Digital Learning modules internally, without a dedicated team?

• Solution: MyLO, Takoma’s Video Learning CMS.


Guest Speaker

Emmanuel Marchais, Digital Learning Consultant, Takoma

14:00PM to 14:15PM
Future People, Workplace Evolution in the Age of Digital Transformation 

IDC Analyst, Jan van Vonno will present a unique study conducted by IDC and Cornerstone.

This survey examines the new world of work and the perceptions and expectations of HR leaders and business managers across 16 European countries regarding employee management and development. The findings not only reveal differing attitudes regarding flexible working practices and a shift in performance management and collaboration strategies, but they also indicate conflicting views of HR priorities and processes among the two groups surveyed.


Guest Speaker

Jan van Vonno, Senior Analyst, IDC

14:15PM to 15:00PM
Client Showcase Panel 

The talent management technology journey is different for each organisation. Hear four talent management stories from organisations representing a diverse collection of industries. Executives from each organisation will provide a high-level overview of their challenge-to-solution story and share how Cornerstone helped them to achieve success.


Andy Chalklin, Director of IT, Shop Support & Delivery, Pret-a-Manger

Michel Koppen, VP HR Africa Region, Millicom

Gary Madden, Director, HRIS Talent Solutions, Training & Compliance, BP

15:00PM to 15:45PM
Beers and Cheers 
15:45PM to 16:45PM