Monday Nov 12 2018

Analyst Meeting (analyst only) 
11:00AM to 5:00PM
Partner Summit (partners only) 
12:00PM to 5:00PM
UN Meeting 
12:00PM to 5:00PM
VIP Happy Hour 
5:00PM to 8:00PM
Partner Networking Drinks 
5:00PM to 9:00PM

Tuesday Nov 13 2018

Registration & Light Breakfast 
8:00AM to 9:30AM
Welcome Keynote 
9:30AM to 10:00AM
CEO Address 
10:00AM to 12:00PM
12:00PM to 1:00PM
Continuous feedback in modern organisations 
Keeping the conversation going!

Continuous feedback becomes a de facto standard for  the new generation of employees. Discover best practices to foster positive conversations and motivate your teams.

Captivating Candidate experience  
Attract the best candidates with an engaging strategy

Create a captivating candidate experience to attract the best profiles, and make it easy for your recruiters to manage everything in one place. Join this session to get examples of multiple personas of candidates and how to design specific workflows.

HR data: getting a single source of truth 
Discovering which Core HR solution would be best for your organisation

Get a deeper understanding of Cornerstone HR.  In this session we explore the scenarios where a company should consider implementation, what the requirements are, and the most direct way to achieve business impact.

AI-driven Learning Content 
Content strategy with Content Anytime and Playlists

Learn about Cornerstone machine learning technology, playlists and pre-curated Content packages.  Hear about best practices for curation, and dig into the new Learning Playlists functionality.

Immediate Recruitment 
Use mass recruitment efficiently and wisely

Learn how a global brand is managing mass recruitment in a demanding market, and is onboarding new hires efficiently. Understand how they get candidates from walking through the door and working behind the tills.

Coping with fragmented payroll and HRIS environment with CHR 
Solving the puzzle of scattered data and information sources

Listen to one of the biggest utilities companies in Europe sharing their experiences on how they resolved their fragmented HR organisation with Cornerstone HR.

Gender Pay Equity 
How to Consciously Uncover Unconscious Bias

Consider this: less than 15 percent of American men are over six feet tall, yet almost 60 percent of CEOs are over six feet tall. Judgments are unconscious, biased or otherwise. We are not consciously aware of making them and we are not aware of how they influence our decisions, feelings or behaviour. Unconscious bias in decisions have extended into our employment practices for years and, consequently, gender pay equity continues despite talent leaders’ best effort to adapt and address this issue. In this session, you’ll learn how to: accept that the brain uses these techniques and understand when it happens; recognise and address the types of bias in a conscious way; understand that the process is continuous within an organisation and what to do about it.

How Learning is impacting the employee to perform better, faster 
Impacting the business with better trained employees

How can L&D enable teams to perform and be more engaged in their daily work? Cornerstone's very own AVP of Learning will share his own successful experience.

Networking Break 
2:15PM to 3:00PM
Guest Speaker 
3:00PM to 3:30PM
Optimising your employee lifecycle 
Managing employees "from hire to retire"

Managing your employees during the entire life cycle demands a complex strategy, including recruitment, onboarding, mobility and succession. Discover how you can leverage a unified strategy to get the most of each talent in your organisation.

Content curation 
Defining a successful training catalogue

Learn how to identify and design the most innovative, effective content to meet customer demands.

Deliver Information to Your Teams with Reporting 2.0 
Effective workforce planning to achieve business goals

Reporting 2.0 has arrived. Join the Cornerstone University team for an overview of the new Reporting 2.0 functionality and its flexible features. The team will identify the different use personas of Reporting 2.0, how permissions work for each user type and create sample report templates that demonstrate how to maximize the capability of the tool.

Employee surveys and data visualisation 
Guiding your organisation to a bright future with Cornerstone Engage & View modules

Cornerstone Engage helps measuring employee satisfaction, and View is a powerful data visualisation tool. Discover how a leading consulting company is using these two powerful modules to understand and steer their organisation to the right direction.

Compensation in action 
Tips & tricks for compensation & benefits

Get some best practices in managing compensation within the Cornerstone platform, from clients from different industries and countries.

Extend your Recruitment tool 
Integrate 3rd party technologies to ensure you get the features you need

During this session, you'll hear about specific tools that recruiters can use to attract and recruit the best talent, such as LinkedIn, Broadbean, SmashFly and others, and how to best utilise them with Cornerstone Recruiting.

Next Generation of Career Mobility 
Improve Retention with the new AI based Career Centre

In this session we deep-dive into New Career Centre and explore its capabilities for planning succession, integrations such as LinkedIn 2.0 and how to maximise its capabilities.

Empowering employees to share Knowledge 
Setting up successful social learning

Studies show that social learning practices foster growth. Learn how to foster a learning culture in your organisation using the new functionalities (Playlists) API, user generated content and User curated content.

Happy Hour & Client Awards 
5:00PM to 6:30PM
Client Appreciation Party 
6:30PM to 12:00AM

Wednesday Nov 14 2018

Light Breakfast 
8:30AM to 9:00AM
Guest Speaker 
9:00AM to 9:45AM
Networking Break 
9:45AM to 10:30AM
Content Anytime and engagement 
Developing a culture of curiosity

People development is evolving from Push to Pull. In this session, Cornerstone clients will share how they use content to enable a learning culture to drive employee engagement, productivity and retention.

New KPIs of recruiting 
Defining the success of recruiting in a time of digital transformation

Digital Transformation is driving organisational change to ensure long-term survival, growth and future prosperity. Recruiting, just like every part of the business, will also change and its measure of success won't be the same. Our expert Peter Gold will discuss the new KPIs of Recruiting in a changing world.

Succession and leadership planning 
Creating your internal leadership talent pool

Ensure you have a healthy talent pipeline and avoid any skills gaps when it comes to your future leaders! Leverage unified talent management using Succession, Performance, Recruitment, and Learning.

Data privacy: beyond compliance 
Data privacy - understanding the new post-GDPR world and its impact on HR

Join this deep dive session to understand all the implications of data privacy and GDPR in your HR and Talent strategy using Cornerstone.

Mobile Candidate Experience 
Mobile recruiting, better recruiting

Listen to a best practice on how to use the new functionalities for Mobile candidate experience. Discover how this industrial company went mobile and improved their talent pools and candidate experience.

Future of Work 
Session details to come

Session details to come

Make learning attractive! 
Improving your Employee Development with the modern Learner Experience Platform

The native Learning Experience Platform and the new Mobile App have been available for some time. If you aren't using them yet, learn from our Cornerstone client panel.

Train Beyond your Employees 
Extended Enterprise: Train Partners, Clients and Contractors

Your ecosystem has a huge impact on your business. Design a strategy to improve the efficiency and knowledge of your network of contractors, your clients, your partners etc.

HR and business strategy alignment: manage your workforce with our C-Suite tools 
Driving strategic business decisions with advanced data analytics

Use your own data to drive business decisions, embark on journey to discover the tools Cornerstone has to offer Executives and C-level to gain data intelligence: Workforce Planning, View, Benchmark.

Big data and machine learning in real life! AI within Cornerstone 
Using big data & machine learning to provide meaningful insights to the business and the users

Learn from our own VP & Chief Analytics Architect why Big Data and Machine Learning are so important to improve effectiveness. Discover the logics behind the learning algorithm, and how the entire platform is getting more intelligent.

Mobile user generated content 
Create powerful content with Smartphone

The demand for video-based learning continues to grow. To meet this demand, more companies are looking for ways to capitalise on the power of smartphones and encourage a culture of user-generated content. In this interactive workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience in shooting and creating professional-like videos using your own smartphone.

12:30PM to 1:45PM
Diversity in action: women's leadership 
Empowering women with an impactful targeted leadership programme

Learn from this international brand how they set up a Diversity & Inclusion strategy.  This Women’s Leadership Programme is a 6 month journey designed to develop and increase leadership capabilities in women. It’s an annual virtual program that involves women from all over the world and covers online learning, networking and webinars.

Improve Cornerstone! 
How to work best with the Cornerstone Product Management Team to get things done

Join this session to understand the product development journey at Cornerstone, and how you can work effectively with Product team.

Cornerstone & AWS - Improving our services to the benefits of our customers 
Understanding how the power of Amazon Web Services will change your experience of Cornerstone

Cornerstone has implemented the people, process and technology controls to secure the infrastructure and protect client assets at Amazon Web Services. Come and learn all that Cornerstone does behind the scenes to remain agile while ensuring proper security practices are in place to protect clients’ data and intellectual property.

Product Roadmap 
2:30PM to 4:00PM
Beers & Cheers 
4:00PM to 5:00PM


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